11/28/16 – You are not the audience

Funny how things happen. Instead of being numbed by the appalling news of his choices for his Cabinet, it has helped me get my shit together. I figured out today: I’m not going to let this asshole fuck up my mental health. I have fought too hard for my goddamn equanimity to let it go now when I need it most.

Fuck him and fuck those assholes in Congress. Getting elected doesn’t give them carte blanche. They still have to answer to voters, and so maybe they’ve gotten accustomed to voters being out of sight out of mind – but no more. Starting today, America needs every single one of us to watch these motherfuckers like a hawk, because you KNOW they can’t be trusted.

The very last thing Donald Trump should have access to is our hope. I still believe in the good in the world, and I still believe in America. It will take some time and it will be an ugly fight, but we can overcome this monstrous mistake. But it means everything must change. Nobody can sit on the sidelines now.

Every single one of us is going to have to be a watchdog for democracy, for justice, and for reason. Until now, we’ve had the privilege of disengagement (thank you Tess), the luxury of focusing on our personal lives, but those days are over. We now must each of us take on the responsibility of defending and preserving the freedoms and rights we have in this country.

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