12/18/16 – Zombies

I was talking to a friend tonight and found myself telling her that I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people end up dead in Trump’s America.

This is why. If he was attending his intelligence briefings, he would learn a little about how the world’s peace balances on a thin knife edge. Very thin. There are any number of hot spots in the world that would ignite in a moment given the tiniest nudge one way or another. The only thing keeping them from blowing up is the sanity and self-restraint of a handful of really powerful individuals of great influence in the world. One of those people is our new president. Our emotionally stunted, ignorant, narcissistic, delusional president. Thanks a lot, America!

Now that I actually subscribe to the New York Times, I love being able to get up-to-date news in one click. Until now, I’ve had to check news online to make sure it wasn’t fake or skewed. Backtracking to a legitimate news organization was time-consuming and annoying! Don’t have to do that now.

Anyhow as I breezed past the headlines tonight, I saw a story about fucking Henry fucking Kissinger WHO IS STILL NOT DEAD SOMEHOW talking about how this could be a time of amazing opportunities for international relations. Or some such shit. (Some of these guys, when I see them in the news, I think to myself, “Jesus Christ, Gingrich, you fucking zombie, why don’t you stay dead? Your career was dead 20 years ago!”)

I’m glad Kissinger Zombie’s feeling so upbeat. I’m not.


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