1/11/17 – Being here now

“Just keeping your shit together is like 80% of living right now.”

Someone posted that on Twitter a while ago. I am glad I’m not the only one feeling like that. I’m failing miserably at equanimity. On the other hand, I haven’t run screaming through the streets yet.

I am quite sure several of my friends are ready to un-follow me on FB. I can’t help it; it’s a compulsion. I read these horrific articles and feel I must share them. Some days I post one after another. It’s like sticking your finger into an electric outlet over and over. Does it matter? Does it help? I don’t know. Maybe it makes it all worse.

I take back everything I said in an earlier post of Dec. 7, wherein I said I could see how it might be good to get an outside perspective in some of these cabinet posts. By now it has become clear that Trump intends to destroy most of these government agencies and offices. He’s getting plenty of help. Congress is proving that all my worst fears were not drastic enough.


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